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(8) Rock Patterns



All 'Gallery' prints are available for purchase individually or as sets.  When buying individual images through our 'Shopping Cart', please take note of the automatic cropping that is applied.  This will vary according to the size of print you select. Cropped areas of an image are clearly shown by the 'greying' of an image's edges. The final image you receive will be minus these 'greyed' areas.  Please watch the 'Shopping Cart' images carefully when you choose your required product size.

C.D./USB Sets can only be purchased by message in our 'Contact' Gallery.  Please message us an order and your purchase will be dispatched through the post.  This is a U.K. based service only.

Personalised Commissions.

Please Note:  Images sold for a personalised commission will not be resold to any other party.

We will, following negotiated instructions, produce images for any of the following:

1.  A walk of your choice (up to 10 miles).

2.  A place of your choice (e.g. a town, a village, moorland, areas of coast, woodland etc.).

3.  A theme of your choice (e.g. coast, mining, churches, ancient sites etc.).

4.  Present Day Ancestry - a set of images depicting places of importance (as they are now) in the life of an ancestor.

5.  Video options for any of the above.

Please refer to "Commissions" for our pricing policy.

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