Cornwall Societies and Cornish Descendants Abroad.

We often come across overseas visitors taking photos of ancestral homes and settings in Cornwall. They are keen to get to know the county where their forebears originated.

The service we are offering is for all those who, for whatever reasons, cannot get to Cornwall.

You provide us with details of a family ancestor:

Area of birth

Specific place of birth

Work details (e.g. an area of mining or a named mine)

Church or chapel where married

Any other details you are interested in seeing.

We will endeavor to provide you with images of the Cornish links to your family – specific to your ancestry.

If interested, please follow the procedure below:

1. Use the website contact page to introduce yourself and send details of the images you want. Be as general or specific as you like.

2. We will take a couple of days to look at your requirements.

3. We will email you with details of what we can achieve.

4 .We will take the images over an agreed period of time then place them into a private gallery for you to view.

5. You pay to download the images you are interested in (our normal rates apply - best quality £5.99 per download).

Please note: We are prepared to investigate your ancestors further, if you wish, but this will increase our charges considerably, bringing an hourly rate into operation.

Images: click on an image to view at full size.

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